January 29, 2019 – January 31, 2019

The Seventh Annual Hometeam 2018 New Year’s Rally

You’ve seen the posts. You’ve seen the teasers. The seventh annual Hometeam New Year’s Rally is rapidly approaching, and this one will be different, for a variety of reasons. Maddox Ranch in Lakeland, Florida, is once again your destination. We’ll get some facts out of the way and then remind you why YOU NEED TO BE THERE!

A recent county ordinance revision has restricted the number of attendees permitted at Maddox. That means the crowd will be small, intimate, like those very first Rallies. Your gracious hosts, Jenelle and Cody Bean, and their incredible staff are working to make this a VIP experience — FOR EVERYONE.

When you read on each post that TICKETS ARE LIMITED, that is not a joke or a come-on or a trick. This event WILL sell out. The only real question is: will you get your three-day passes with camping BEFORE THEY ARE GONE? We can guarantee there will be NO TICKETS AT THE GATE. NONE. NADA. ZIPPO.

Speaking of tickets, you’ve notice that the price has gone up. Here is the deal:

The increase in ticket price is not at all meant to make it harder for folks to attend. It was simply necessary for us to still be able to provide a high-quality production while accommodating some changes that were beyond our control. Although the price is a bit more than years past, everyone in attendance will have a VIP experience that will be worth every penny.

OK, you’ve read the fine print. Now let’s talk about the good stuff. This year’s HTNYR begins Saturday, December 29th, with music running through New Year’s Eve Monday. You may leave at your leisure on New Year’s Day.

There are four great reasons to attend HTNYR. These haven’t changed from the very beginning. They are [1] wonderful music, [2] wonderful activities and workshops, [3] wonderful family, and [4] safe environment.

We’ll get to the music in a moment, and there will be lots of information about all of the activities, children’s areas, and more very soon. If you know Hometeam, then you know it means family. Those two words are synonymous. Ours is a loving, inclusive, embracing community, and we want to share all of that with you. 

The safe environment is a critically important aspect of Hometeam. Our inclusive community will nurture you, absolutely, but there is another important aspect. New Year’s Eve, and the nights leading up to it, are not particularly good nights to be driving around, period. Dancing at the music stages is WAY better than driving ANYWHERE. Come be safe.

And, yes, rumor has it there “might” be music.

Saturday will be capped off by Tribute Night. What does that mean, you ask? It means Russ Bowers Isn’t Dead Yetwill gratefully do what they do, and Juanjamon Presents: A Marley Tribute, featuring outstanding vocalist Derrick McDonald. The Tony Tyler Trance will perform the full Dazed and Confused soundtrack, and Antelope: A Tribute to the Band Phish will share their stash. And Row Jomah, who just packed Crowbar for their recent Talking Heads tribute, will reprise that great performance.


Sunday’s headliners are the funktastic groovers The Main Squeeze, and the ball will drop New Year’s Eve with our dear friend Roosevelt Collier. And Collier just loves to fill up the stage with Hometeam all-stars of all stripes and sizes — can you say SuperJam?!?

Hometeam favorites Come Back Alice, The Applebutter Express, Ajeva, The Reality, Row Jomah, and Ella Jet and Future Soul are all on the bill. Expect very special ensemble sets from Legacy Orchestra Collective, Este Loves, and Michael Lyn Bryant’s Electric Jungle, featuring Jamie Newitt, Trevor McDannel, Alex Sears, Joe Knoebel, and Dave Gerulat.

Back for their second Hometeam are the Melody Trucks BandElectric Kif, Dot Line Project, and Custard Pie are coming to rock the party as well. And GMOS are back, once again modified. This year, they call themselves “The Jones Ain’t Modified”! You’ll have to check that out for yourself!

Most important, though, will be Funky D’s Allstar Jam. He is the Godfather, and he’s going to make you an offer you can’t refuse: